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    A warm Glühwein on a cold December day, listening to traditional Christmas music, wandering the booths and shops decorated for the season, is simply… magic. Bavaria and Tyrol during the holidays is a wonder of Christmas markets, decorated churches, Alpine horn music, cinnamon sticks, and snow. It captures your Christmas spirit and imagination in a way that no other place can. Let me show you.


  • November 29th
      • walking: minimal
      • Driving: 30 minutes to downtown
    • You arrive in Munich where I will be waiting. After checking into our hotel downtown – (4/5 star accommodation centrally located – I only choose the best) – we then make our way into the heart of Munich where the Christmas spirit runs wild. We will wander the streets taking in the sights and sounds, enjoying our first Glühwein of the trip, and sneaking into a few of my favorite churches and beer halls along the way. Dinner will be in downtown Munich at Der Pschorr restaurant, my personal favorite.
  • November 30th
      • walking: average
      • driving: 55 minutes
    • We slowly rise and make our way to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a short one hour drive, where we will check into my favorite hotel downtown before a leisurely stroll through this mesmerising Alpine village. That evening we will put on our winter coats and be carried through the town by horse carriage into the Partnach Gorge where a fairytale world of icicles, caves, and torches await. This magical journey at night through the icicle covered canyon is unbelievable. Then off to dinner where warm beverages, and hot food await at the lovely Bavarian restaurant of the Schranne.
  • December 1st
      • walking: average
      • driving: 15 minutes
    • We meet in the lobby jackets in hand as we then journey to the peak of the Zugspitze. Using the world record holding cable car we will ascend to just under 10,000 feet where the Alps will open to us with views of Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland await. The afternoon is for shopping and hot mulled wine as we wander the small Christmas market and shops of downtown Garmisch and Partenkirchen.
  • December 2nd
      • walking: above average
      • driving: 2 1/2 hours
    • We check out of our hotel and hop on our private chauffeured vehicle to Neuschwanstein Castle where we sneak around the crowds, find the best photo opportunities, and learn all the wondrous history of this fairytale castle. After our tour we then take in the Alpine beauty as we drive to the mesmerising city of Innsbruck; home to over four Christmas markets, the Golden Dachl, and Swarovski Crystal. We check into the Hotel Penz and then into the heart of Tyrolean Christmas we go! I try and add a few really amazing historical sights in the town as we wander :).
  • December 3rd
      • walking: average
      • driving: 2 hours
    • We check out and then off to Ambras Palace for the largest collection of Baroque suits of amor in the world, Ferdinand’s oddities, and something I think, as a history nerd, is REALLY cool. After Ambras we take the scenic road to Salzburg Austria where we check into the Hotel Wolf. That evening you then have the option of a Michelin ranked meal at the amazing Icarus Restaurant in Hanger 7 or dinner downtown at the scenic Stiegl Keller. Both are exquisite but if you are a foodie, the Icarus is a once in a lifetime experience.
  • December 4th
      • walking: average
      • driving: zero
    • We take in the town. A free day this amazing city. Hohensalzburg fortification, the largest Christmas market in Tyrol, museums, and much, much more. Those that wish can enjoy a wondrous Sound of Music tour of the city highlighting the sights and sounds of this masterpiece of film or simply wander the streets sampling the Mozart themed candy.
  • December 5th
      • walking: average
      • driving: 30 minutes
    • We move to Berchtesgaden, checking into the Hotel Edelweiss, where the darker side of Christmas comes to light as Krampus demons are lead through the streets by St. Nicholas. Hot Glühwein acts as our armour as the demons whip and beat the unworthy. But never fear, there are plenty of hiding spots where the timid can watch the festivities.
  • December 6th
      • walking: above average
      • driving: 10 minutes
    • We journey a mile under the ground into the famous Bad Reichenhall salt mine where slides and wellness collide in an amazing journey to the heart of history and taste. Then a salty lunch before a private tour of the local Schnapps factory and Christmas Markets.
  • December 7th
      • walking: minimal
      • driving: 2 hours
    • We pack and slowly start heading north. A stop at the stunning Konigsee lake and Olympic bobsled track before a leisurely drive to Munich, check into our downtown hotel, and then have our last Christmas meal together.
  • December 8th
      • driving: 45 minutes
    • A heavy journey home loaded with Christmas presents, mistletoe, and cinnamon sticks!

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