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If you are visiting Bavaria, you can’t do better than let Jake Doherty handle your tours. He is both knowledgeable and entertaining. He makes history come alive. It was a return trip for me as a group leader to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and there was a world of difference from just walking through old Partenkirchen at night and doing it with Jake. You’ll come back with more than photos of a pretty old buildings; you’ll have a sense of the people who walked these streets before you, and what happened here. Jake kept our group busy all week with a brewery tour in Murnau, all day bus tour to the Neuschwanstein and Hoenschwangau castles, Weiskirche, Omerammagau, and the Ettal Monastery, a Munich walking tour and the fun Bavarian Games in the evening. I have been organizing annual European trips for my ski club for 13 years, and reading about Jake on TA was a real find!

Carol Alesso

Jake is a historian in the traditional model of the story teller. He has researched the source material and connected the dots to weave a series of stories that by the end of the day create a colorful tapestry of Bavaria. During our tour day we saw Neuschwanstein Castle, Oberammergau, Wieskirche and the Ettal Monastery. These were the connectors in a series of stories that started as soon as we met and continued all day. The whole day was simply one of the most enjoyable that I can remember.

I also had an unofficial tour in Munich. I can only hope to have the chance to come back for a complete history lesson. Make him take you to Der Pschorr, shouldn’t take much.

Jeff Cook

We walked for miles across the combined towns and learned so much of the history that by the time I wandered back into the hotel, my brain was swimming with images and stories.Read more… >>

Sarah Elkins, Customer Service Maven, Storyteller, Professional Musician